The Promax Gold award winning History of Videogames trailer showcased LittleBigPlanet 2’s new functionality and creation tools by combining stop motion animation and our most ambitious level design undertaking to date.

We wanted to show the infinite possibilities offered by the new game, and tie into the sequel’s positioning of “A Platform For Games”. With our 3 years of experience of working with LBP, we knew that amazing levels could be created, and just how many of these creations were available to play. Any video showcasing level creation possibilities would need to stand out from the incredible designs already available, and we wanted to create a piece of content that was fun, exciting, and was truly representative of the LBP brand

We loved the concept of taking the audience on a journey through a history of gaming, but we still wanted to maintain the core “handmade” essence that is synonymous with the game, and highlight how LBP2 has evolved. Creating a narrative structure, we then proceeded to create levels representing iconic games and genres, which were combined with stop motion created from real hand-made props and environments, that we used to create cool transitional and framing devices. A bespoke music track completed the audience journey from Pong to the present day, providing the ultimate showcase for this amazing new handmade adventure.

Client Feedback:

“The History of Video Games trailer is my favourite video that has ever been made for LBP, it gets across the spirit of the game more than the game itself managed! I couldn’t stop watching it”

– Mark Healey, Creative Director, Media Molecule