To activate the Manifesto and bring it to life we created “The Manifesto for the Greater Good” film which debuted as part of the Ubisoft conference at Gamescom.  Produced in house by Chris and Becca and directed by Klaas, this poetic (if we do say so ourselves) film set out how the Mania brand and ShootMania intended to challenge the Status Quo (or is that the Status CoD?).  The results of the film were particularly rewarding for us, especially in terms of the sentiment expressed.  We always enjoy seeing positive comments on our work, though in the case of hard core eSports fans this result was vital and we could see we had got a credible message to resonate within this highly influential group.

It’s a great project for us, not least because we had a great experience working with Julien, Christophe and Edouard as clients who took on our input on strategic positioning and in return Maverick was able to gain a much deeper understanding of the client and their challenge.

Client Feedback:

“As always the Maverick team has proven to be very creative in the conception phase and then very flexible and accessible when we entered execution. They always work really hard to provide solutions to get around production constraints. As a result I’m looking forward to working with them again and would warmly recommend them”

– Christophe Malarmey, EMEA Brand Manager, Ubisoft