Our launch campaign for a new Might & Magic RPG title comprised of logo design/branding, key art, announcement tease for digital and social channels, and an announce trailer for PAX that would make maximum impact across the gaming press and community.

We wanted to tap into a growing segment of gamers that are looking to older forms & genres for different experiences & challenges.
We achieved this by creating content that was both authentic & deliberately exclusive; the intended effect being to reawaken & reassure the primary target of veteran RPG fans while also creating a mystique about the design & difficulty of these games to encourage debate among the wider secondary target of gamers new to the franchise.

Each asset contains tropes that only the core fans know, turning them into cheerleaders for the game; every execution has an element of exclusivity – the key art refers to a classic pack design from the series, the announce tease and trailer are painstakingly made from original sprites, icons, and sound effects that extend back to more than 25 years of the franchise.
The end result worked exactly as planned – igniting the primary audience to become ambassadors to help introduce a new generation to this classic IP, dramatically increasing the numbers and reach of the community, with over 300,000 trailer views during PAX, and 23 major gaming websites covering the announcement.