Looking back on the projects we have done so far this year, one of them stands out just for the sheer fun we had making it. So we thought we would share the love for Cloudberry Kingdom.

We were first introduced to this little platformer a few months back when we were asked to come up with the trailer for it. The first thing that stood out was the crazy personality behind it. The levels looked innocent enough to begin with, but the learning curve swerved and before you knew it the whole screen filled up with a chaotic mass of obstacles and you watched yourself flying through the scrolling screens like a madman. Did we get our arses kicked? …Yes we got our arses kicked.

Even though a project of this size is at the smaller end of trailers we make at Maverick, that can still be great fun. When you only have a couple of days to turn something around, the whole process is accelerated and it’s certainly a challenge to do a project once in a while without the time for conversations and approvals, and you just have to run with your gut instinct. There’s only really time to make it once – and maybe that helps make it fresh, too.

Of course the game had a lot for us to play with, but hands down our favourite thing about the experience was Bob. He is the hero with the beard and instantly became the focus for our trailer. Though recently retired from superhero-ing, he comes out of retirement one last time to save the day. Or as Tom, our Creative Lead on the project says: ‘To bring back a Princess who got nicked’. He’s our creative genius for a reason, that one.

To see the finished result watch the trailer we made.