At Maverick Towers we’re starting to look forward to E3… that festival of bright lights, loud noises, too much coffee, and enough adrenaline to see us through the three months to Gamescom. There’s nothing quite like it – its big, brash, loud and crazy, and we love it.

And most of all, we love E3 trailers – the bigger the better. We don’t care that it’s “not actual gameplay”, we want our disbelief suspended with wall-to-wall mind-numbingly expensive CG, surround sound, hi-definition NONSENSE. For one week, we ditch our cynicism, our reserve, our claims to only be playing that indie game that you’ve not heard of yet; count us in E3, we are fully sold on the joys of a blockbuster trailer.
So we were inspired to create a little supercut of our favourites; a salute to trailer makers, animators, mo-cap artists and render-wranglers of recent years to get you in the mood for this years event. Can you name every game included? And as a special bonus, we’ve made our very own “E3 Trailer Bingo” to fill in during keynotes (let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed!)

So bring on the big trailers of E3, enjoy the hype machine rolling into gear, enjoy every trailer cliché, hackneyed hero shot, slow fade to black and inception horn. And if you need a trailer like this, well we know EXACTLY how to make (an award winning) one…and if you too-cool-for-school indie kids and brave, risk-taking marketers need something different…well maybe you should talk to us about that too.

See you at E3!

Maverick Team