“A galaxy on the brink of destruction. Infinite waves of alien enemies. One heroic ship. You know what to do.”

There are few more iconic games in the industry than the retro world of missile-dodging, alien-bashing classic 'Galaga', so as soon as Bandai Namco briefed us on their suite of marketing assets for the 35th Anniversary, we had got our space-suits on faster than you can say 'Holy Mothership!'

Providing a cohesive style, tone and consistency of message was key for us in re-igniting the essential fun of those original games and showing off the awesome new capabilities of the game. We wanted to take players right back into the uncomplicated exhilaration of space combat, with its inimitable sense of humour and charm, its bright colours and immediately recognisable enemies.

We created key art that was designed to bring a smile to seasoned fans of the original games, a wry smile from the modern gamer, and a glimmer of excitement to a younger audience eager for pure space experience.

Our animated trailer was to bring all of those elements into a frenetic space battle with a self-referential sense of humour that demonstrated the titles knowledge of itself, revelling in its heritage of a focussed space experience unfettered by demanding plots or characters. This is the definitive space fighting experience, the model for all to come after.