We're often asked “why the name Maverick?”

And, of course, this was a decision made upon founding our fledgling creative agency in 1995.

Back then we knew we'd be cutting our own path setting up shop cutting video games trailers – as no other agency seemed to see games as the serious entertainment form they would become.

We were a little solitary when we turned our back on traditional TV and took to making video content go viral on line - when other agencies hadn't yet heard of Youtube.

And from our very beginnings we knew neither we nor our clients would gain success from being the same as everyone else.

We've always believed there's value in being different, unique and even provocative.  For us that's what being Maverick is about and it's helped us grow and make great work for our clients.

And this is why we made it the theme of Maverick's latest Showreel – we hope you enjoy it.