You heard it here first: don't play alone! We were lucky enough to produce the live-action trailer for Bandai Namco's new interactive horror game, Man of Medan. This was a trailer with a twist, though, as Man of Medan will be playable in multiplayer, meaning the focus wasn't just only on the game play, but how it makes the player feel. Our trailer was the reveal of this new multiplayer functionality, which will be available across all games in the anthology.

Man of Medan is the first game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, which is a series of horror titles coming to PC, Playstation and Xbox. The game follows a group of young Americans who travel to the South Pacific Ocean for a vacation, but as you can see from the trailer, it all goes horribly wrong:

Man of Medan will be released on August 30th 2019. More information on the game can be found on The Dark Pictures website.

Due to all the positive feedback Bandai Namco received from this trailer, they also asked us to produce their 'Anthology' trailer, which our client used to promote the game's bigger purpose - The Dark Pictures Anthology. As well as their 'Friends Pass' trailer which focuses on the multiplayer aspect of the game.