As if Man of Medan isn't scary enough... the game signifies the beginning of a series of standalone horror titles developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco.

With our first Man of Medan trailer hitting screens in July (watch here), Bandai came to us to create and produce the trailer that would announce the game's bigger purpose: The Dark Pictures Anthology.

The trailer centres on the Curator, walking through a hallway. Though a seemingly simple scene, this sequence is actually littered with clues and insights into Man of Medan and the anthology as a whole-- if you look closely at the pictures donning the walls, you'll get a clue into what lies ahead...

Differently to the live-action trailer we previously produced, there's no voice over. To make an impact, the trailer features a remake of 'A Conversation with Death' by doom metal band, Khemmis.

Have we got you excited for The Dark Pictures Anthology...? Remember: don't play alone.