After receiving the positive feedback from the public, our clients at The Pokémon Company wanted to take this month's 'Community Day' to a new level by introducing two whole days of adventure and Pokémon catching. For those who are not familiar with Pokemon GO Community Day, it's a day for players to get out and play together within their local community. During this special day, players have the chance of catching special Pokemon in the wild, learn exclusive moves for that Pokemon and more.

We produced another short, fun, user generated content style piece specifically for the official Pokémon and Pokémon GO social channels.

What made this month so different was our incorporation of a wide range of Pokémon in just one video - we have Slakoth, Mudkip, Chimchar, Bagon and more all together! For our production team here at Maverick this meant we spent a lot more time on animation as we spent focused on getting each Pokemon perfect: from the visuals to their individual personality and actions. This made the whole project more complex as a whole but super fun to create. We’re so pleased with how it turned out!


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