It's finally here! Our latest - and last, for 2019 - ad for Pokémon GO, 'Buddy Adventure', went live at the end of the year. The Pokémon Company needed a campaign to announce their new 'Buddy Adventure' feature in the Pokémon GO game so we jumped in and helped them out. Our approach was to develop a heart warming film that pays homage to the importance of companionship and friendship. We showed the story of a boy growing up with his favourite Pokemon, Squirtle. The nostalgic theme was able to introduce the new way of interacting with the game to a huge audience delivering a truly emotional experience to reconnect Trainers (or Players) to the brand.

Pokémon has been a staple part of many lives since the 90s. It's likely that, if you were born in that era, you probably had a collection of  Pokémon cards or even a few plushies yourself. We set out to create something relatable for the Pokémon community.

Pokémon Trainers, this is for you! We hope you enjoy, and that'll you're excited for what 2020 will bring for Pokémon GO. 
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