We are so pleased to publicise that Maverick are officially winners of not only one, but TWO, VEGA Canopus' trophies. The team is so happy with this victory. It's very rewarding to see all our hard work that goes into these films get noticed.

We are proud to have been considered alongside some amazing international productions from around the world and be recognised by a ceremony that "honour the shining stars whose work supercharges the industry, opening up a vast, new universe of possibilities for the world to explore".

Maverick's 'Pokemon GO: Buddy Adventure' won the 'Games' category, which is was a new category introduced this year.

In addition, 'Pokemon GO: Community Days' won the 'Innovative / Experimental' category.

Thank you very much to the judges who took the time the watch our films and put us forward for these awards. We can't wait to put up those shiny new trophies on our shelf!