Iron Harvest 1920+ Launch Campaign

Iron Harvest 1920+ is the latest Real Time Strategy title from Koch Media – featuring an array of dieselpunk mechs in an alternate history setting, Maverick fired up our creative engines to produce both a cinematic Story Trailer and a gameplay focussed Skirmish Trailer to cultivate the launch of this new IP.

The Skirmish Trailer

Our creative strategy was to showcase the innovative cover system and demonstrate how a sharp mind beats a quick trigger finger. In capturing the strategic gameplay style, our most decorated armchair generals dusted off their uniforms and got to work in putting the fear of humanity to the AI. We needed to give a true sense of the war waged between the core factions in the world of Iron Harvest. We choreographed and captured everything from intimate small skirmishes to large epic battles in order to showcase an all out cinematic experience of man vs. machine.

The Story Trailer

Iron Harvest 1920+ is a story deeply entrenched in pain & pride. We wanted to bring this alternate history into reality by telling the tales of survival and depicting the deep historical feuds between the factions that rule the land.

Part of the strategy was to deepen the experience by ensure for viewers and ensuring that audiences really resonated with trailer on truly local level. In our mission to create true authenticity and deep levels of engagement, we utilised voice talent from real world equivalents to the alternate history nations featured in the game - Russia for Rusviet, Poland for Polonia, and Germany for Saxony.

The result? A truly immersive and beautifully twisted story of man vs. machine, metal vs. mud and tradition vs. progress.