SCORE-bunny! Our latest Pokémon campaign is fresh out of the foil packet. You’ve really gotta catch this one!

For this campaign we wanted to show the excitement and true joy children experience when collecting Pokémon Trading Cards. Our creative strategy was to bring the TCG cards to life and create a link between the beloved Pokémon characters, the physical product itself and ultimately the player.

We created the idea that the TCG cards were a window into the world that kids know and love, and that we're bringing the Pokémon closer to them than ever before. Spanning multiple channels including TV, Digital and Social, our creative strategy positioned the cards as a 'portal' that bridges the gap between the Pokémon World and the real World, with Pokémon racing towards the window just to get into the hands of their new owner.

It's a truly playful concept filled with excitement and anticipation, and one that really allows children to see the collecting the cards in a totally new and immersive way.

We’re super proud of this one, it’s a real heart warmer!