Remember to be brave, kind, and considerate as you explore the world of Pac-Man Planet!

Harnessing the power of Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, Bandai Namco created a thrilling narrative for kids where they can choose their own adventure by listening and responding to prompts as they uncover a mysterious villain filling the world in garbage. With the core message of “Save The Day Together!”, our creative focused on one child and their device (along with help from Mum when needed).


Keeping things simple proved to be a powerful strategy - ensuring that young viewers would understand how fun the title is, while also appealing to parents keen to limit screen time.


Overall, Pac-Man Stories is an innovative "Choose Your Own Adventure" experience for inquisitive young minds, delivered through a unusual platform, and a great example of interactive fun!

Want to give it a try? Just ask Alexa, “Open Pac-Man Stories”.