Our latest Pokémon GO campaign rolled into town over Christmas and was a truck load of festive fun. Catch it here!

For this campaign we were tasked with creating excitement and driving conversation online during the busy festive period, around of the arrival of ‘Pokémon Gen 6’ in Pokémon GO.

The strategy? Create a campaign that built further anticipation and prepared Trainers for the wave of new Pokémon that were about to enter their lives, by a delivering truck loads of new Poké Balls …literally.

We created a heart warming and playful story based on a fleet of Pokémon Trucks that got to work making deliveries to millions of Trainers across the globe, whilst capturing their excitement as they realised something big had come their way.

Amidst the toughest of Global lockdown restrictions, this was no mean feat. We had to be agile in our ways of working and engage in techniques that would allow us to deliver the quality of a live action shoot in multiple global locations through innovative use of CGI.

This multichannel campaign spanned Digital and Social, with a hero video piece driving conversation on Social channels and series of targeted digital placements including banners and HPTOs driving additional reach and frequency.

It was a truly joyful campaign bursting with ‘festive-feels’, excitement and anticipation, whilst continuing to strengthen our ongoing award-winning creative strategy for Pokémon GO of bringing Pokémon into the real world and making players feel closer to their favourite Pokémon than ever before.

Time to stock up, Gen 6 is here!