With this campaign Maverick's strategy was to showcase the full range of emotions the Monopoly Sudoku experience delivers for its players by bringing to light both the challenging and thought-provoking nature of the classic puzzle game, while matching it with the exciting and light-hearted tone of the Monopoly franchise (notwithstanding shouting at our siblings over Christmas for bankrupting us. Again.).

By drawing attention to the inbuilt tutorial system, we looked to alleviate concerns that viewers might discount themselves from Monopoly Sudoku’s competitive multiplayer features, instead enforcing that at its heart the collaboration between these two classics would be perfect for novices and casual fans, all the way up to the toughest of Sudoku pros. 

To make it happen, Maverick humanised the experience by using live action, slick animation sequences and eye-popping motion graphics, all to construct the perfect narrative of diving into the minds of contrasting players. Living on both the app store and social channels, this campaign provides the perfect introduction, enticing fans to jump in and challenge themselves with this imaginative take on a classic puzzle. 

Following our app store trailer for the Monopoly boardgame itself, we're proud to have continued our relationship with Marmalade and the iconic Hasbro IP.