Maverick's campaign strategy was to build on Warpath’s initial launch phase and deliver a community focussed experience designed to engage audiences in the Social space.  

We created a series of seven standalone “Knowledge Drops” to help new players go from Cadet to Commander all while ensuring that the series resonated with the dedicated battalion of fans who’ve been playing since D-Day 
For new audiences, education and awareness was key and was achieved through showcasing the breadth of features available to them in the gameFor existing players these were known features, so the assets offered a deeper educational experience, enhancing their game through informative strategies and tactics to help them in battle.  

Maverick grabbed viewers' attention with a dynamic CGI opening that seamlessly transitions into the familiar game art-stylewith each ‘knowledge drop’ further enhanced by bespoke and unique narrative delivered by host of different in-game characters.  
For us, the devil was in the detail. The opening cinematic was designed to bring thoughts of WW2 immediately to mind, from the plane caught in a storm of flak to the style of the boot kicking the crate, we wanted to capture the aesthetic built up over decades of media from Saving Private Ryan to the Medal of Honour franchise. 
Each asset closes with a rallying CTA to bookend the opening CGI – creating powerful impact and helping deliver a complete user acquisition journey for the next round of budding recruits! 

Briefed in, tooled up, let’s go to war!