When a cult classic experimental game decides to launch on the Nintendo Switch you know you’ll need a fresh campaign to spread the news and get fans talking. Enter the Maverick team! 

We’re proud to share our launch trailer celebrating the release of Cultist Simulator for Nintendo Switch. 

With a beautiful and unique art style we knew that we had a great foundation to build from and with an already established audience spanning PC to mobile, there was an opportunity to highlight the cosmic horror setting of the game to an even larger player base.  

We took this and applied an animation style evocative of the title, which set the scene and introduced people to a Lovecraftian horror universe of beings beyond our comprehension (waiting beyond the paper-thin walls of our universe). Then coupled with an equally haunting voice over that perfectly articulates the deep narrative nature of the title.  

The result - a powerful and esoteric trailer to entice audiences into the weird and wonderful world of being a cult leader. With precisely zero guarantees to keep a player’s sanity intact, Cultist Simulator is a great exploration of the days leading up to a psyche-rattling apocalypse. Our trailer may inadvertently help bring about the end of days, but when it’s this good can you blame us? 
View the trailer here.

Cultist Simulator Trailer (Made by Maverick)