Taking a family classic nearly 60 years old and catapulting it into the 21st Century fit for a new generation of players, Maverick teamed up with Marmalade Game Studio to produce the launch campaign for this contemporary sequel to one of the world’s most popular board games, THE GAME OF LIFE 2. 

Following the success of the series' first title we were tasked with producing a suite of trailers for the upcoming launch of the sequel. Through our creative strategy it was important to highlight the digital advances and to focus on the new freedoms, and choices that players will encounter in this latest edition, whilst not losing sight of the magic, nostalgia and heritage of the original game.  

Following a successful launch Marmalade then made the decision to bring the title to new platforms, and to celebrate the Steam and Switch releases. So, Maverick produced additional storefront versions of the trailer designed to bring the fun and immersive world of the game to life. Capturing attention directly within the relevant gaming platforms, and giving the title new exposure to previously untapped audiences. 

The final element of the campaign was the Accolades Trailer – with so many stand out reviews, from both critics and fans, our creative utilised the distinctive and iconic game wheel as a dynamic transition between the in-game design and audiences reviews. A quick, fun, and effective way of reinforcing the quality and popularity of the title, without cluttering or taking away from the main in-game features we wanted to showcase! 

You can check out The Game of life 2 on Mobile, Switch & Steam OUT NOW. 

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