This summer saw Maverick cross the Channel to deliver two territory specific campaigns for Pokémon GO in France and Italy.

Both were Live Action TVC’s with CGI animation, and rooted in genuine local insight and knowledge to ensure that the creatives would resonate highly with their respective audiences in each territory.

The French campaign focussed on ‘discovery’ and follows the journey of a young player as she uncovers hidden ‘secret locations’ of France whilst playing Pokémon GO:

The Italian campaign focussed on Family and how anyone can be a Pokémon Trainer, regardless of your age.

The story follows a family who’s ‘Nonna’ starts to learn how to play Pokémon GO during lockdown, and captures the moment when they finally meet up again and she’s a fully-fledged Pokémon Trainer:

Coupling international live action shoots with CGI animation (all during the toughest of Covid restrictions) was a huge challenge, but we deployed our team of highly skilled Maverick's in order to make it happen!