Romeo and Juliet. Princess Peach and Mario. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Maverick…

With the Tales of Arise interplanetary love story leading the charge of the Tales Of series’ 25th anniversary, we knew that we were helping bring something amazing to audiences worldwide with a launch campaign of epic proportions.

To kick start the campaign, our first piece focussed on the gameplay features and spirit of adventure that cement the Tales Of titles as fan favourites – from Rappigs (but definitely not Piggits) to skits between the characters, this trailer truly was a labour of love, and we were rewarded with fan comments like “Man, it really looks like Bandai are pulling out all the stops for this entry.”.

The second element of the launch campaign was to promote the release of the titles Demo. Capturing game footage exclusively from this build allowed us to create a sizzle piece that helps build hype for the game without any spoilers, and showcase the quality of the experience players can expect. With a global showing during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live presentation, we were excited to bring the title to the widest audience possible!

As part of a wider celebration of the Tales of Arise launch, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment also teamed up with world renowned violinist Lindsey Sterling to create a bespoke arrangement of one of the soundtracks new songs for a live performance at ONL. When we were asked to develop a virtual background for the performance, showcasing the twin worlds of Dahna and Rena was music to our ears!

Choreographed game capture set to the tailor made audio helps to explain the setting, gameplay, and teases the narrative – all with no vocals or captions, resulting in a global experience for one of the world’s biggest games industry show.

Missed the premiere from the illustrious Opening Night Live showcase? Watch it here!