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Title: Creative Strategist 

Duration: Contract (3 months to begin)

Location: North America (remote working) 


Title: Creative Designer (North America)

Salary: Competitive & DOE

Location: North America & Canada (Remote working)


It’s time to face your fears! The second hair raising trailer in our award-winning campaign for Bandai Namco’s Little Nightmares 2 is a truly nerve-wracking Halloween adventure.

SCORE-bunny! Our latest Pokémon campaign is fresh out of the foil packet. You’ve really gotta catch this one!

For this campaign we wanted to show the excitement and true joy children experience when collecting Pokémon Trading Cards. Our creative strategy was to bring the TCG cards to life and create a link between the beloved Pokémon characters, the physical product itself and ultimately the player.

We created the idea that the TCG cards were a window into the world that kids know and love, and that we're bringing the Pokémon closer to them than ever before. Spanning multiple channels including TV, Digital and Social, our creative strategy positioned the cards as a 'portal' that bridges the gap between the Pokémon World and the real World, with Pokémon racing towards the window just to get into the hands of their new owner.

It's a truly playful concept filled with excitement and anticipation, and one that really allows children to see the collecting the cards in a totally new and immersive way.

We’re super proud of this one, it’s a real heart warmer!

Job Title: Strategic Account Manager (video games)

Salary: Competitive & DOE

Location: London, Europe, North America, Canada (Remote working is an option)


Iron Harvest 1920+ Launch Campaign

Iron Harvest 1920+ is the latest Real Time Strategy title from Koch Media – featuring an array of dieselpunk mechs in an alternate history setting, Maverick fired up our creative engines to produce both a cinematic Story Trailer and a gameplay focussed Skirmish Trailer to cultivate the launch of this new IP.

The Skirmish Trailer

Our creative strategy was to showcase the innovative cover system and demonstrate how a sharp mind beats a quick trigger finger. In capturing the strategic gameplay style, our most decorated armchair generals dusted off their uniforms and got to work in putting the fear of humanity to the AI. We needed to give a true sense of the war waged between the core factions in the world of Iron Harvest. We choreographed and captured everything from intimate small skirmishes to large epic battles in order to showcase an all out cinematic experience of man vs. machine.

The Story Trailer

Iron Harvest 1920+ is a story deeply entrenched in pain & pride. We wanted to bring this alternate history into reality by telling the tales of survival and depicting the deep historical feuds between the factions that rule the land.

Part of the strategy was to deepen the experience by ensure for viewers and ensuring that audiences really resonated with trailer on truly local level. In our mission to create true authenticity and deep levels of engagement, we utilised voice talent from real world equivalents to the alternate history nations featured in the game - Russia for Rusviet, Poland for Polonia, and Germany for Saxony.

The result? A truly immersive and beautifully twisted story of man vs. machine, metal vs. mud and tradition vs. progress.

Little Hope, the second installment in the spine-chilling narrative horror series The Dark Pictures Anthology, from creators Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco promises to be darker, scarier, and bloodier than it’s predecessor Man of Medan. To help showcase the arcane lore shared by the Curator, Maverick continued its hallowed tradition and through black rites raised a cinematic story trailer brooding enough to fit the brand.


Starring Will Poulter, Little Hope is a nightmarish tale of a school trip gone badly wrong, as witches enact their revenge for equally bloodcurdling with trials conducted centuries prior.

Due to release in time for Halloween - abandon all hope, ye who play here.

We're incredibly proud to announce that Maverick has been selected as a finalist for the Music+Sound Awards for our Pokémon Go: “Buddy Adventure” campaign!  

We’re humbled and excited to have been considered for this renowned award dedicated to recognizing the indispensable role that both music and sound design play in creating world-class campaigns. 

‘You’re my best friend’ by Queen was, quite simply, the perfect choice for this campaign. Not only is it instantly recognisable (even as a cover)it drives home the sense of nostalgia and companionship that lies at the core of what makes Buddy Adventure so memorable. Suffice to say, we’re pretty chuffed M+A think it was a good choice too. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, or have and just enjoy getting teary-eyed, you can watch Buddy Adventure below: 

Interested in knowing more about what went into making this campaign? Take a look at our case study here. 

The Case

When Maverick first talked with Wooga about their flagship hidden object game, June's Journey back in February, no one could have spotted the hidden hurdles of creating an international TV campaign that were about to present themselves.  

Tasked with ideating, producing, and delivering a series of TVC's that not only showcased Junes Journey as a game but also introduced the IP brand to a wider audience,  Maverick's response was a modern-day take on the Jessica Fletcher inspired character, a contemporary detective (and her husband) who captured the wit and fun of June's Journey as she used her unique powers of perception in a totally new way.

But as Maverick cracked the creative the World locked down in curfews and restrictions giving us a much bigger mystery to solve.

The Head Honcho - Will Jeffery, Founder

"When the lockdown first hit we already had a strategy up our sleeve; we would make it our USP to be great at filming. It was what the client asked for and we were going to make it happen - Corona wouldn't get in the way of Maverick delivering a great TV campaign.."

The Gumshoe - Joe O’Connor, Creative Director

"The mystery of how to shoot live action without coming into contact with people really became puzzling.  But this could all be solved if we could only find a great American comedienne, who met the casting brief, who was living with a world-class commercials Director of Photography, who was also fully equipped with 4k camera and lighting kit, who all lived in a home that they were willing to make into a film set for a week - with no other crew to help...."

The Fixer - Natalie Baker, Producer

"Now all we needed was a way to get a Director, Art Department, Props, Clapper Loader, Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup, DIT,  from where ever they were locked down in the world into a little house in Roswell, Georgia to work their magic."

Find out who shot June's Journey, and how Maverick produced 3 TVCs and a range of accompanying static web banners in this thrilling Behind The Scenes film: