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Recent Work


Space Invaders and Arkanoids have both been classic arcade staples since we can remember, so we were incredibly excited when we were briefed to have a look at creating the app store assets - icon, screenshots and trailer for Space Invaders vs Arkanoids.

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GALAGA WARS - "Holy Mothership!" Case Study

“A galaxy on the brink of destruction. Infinite waves of alien enemies. One heroic ship. You know what to do.”

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POKEMON SUN AND MOON - Online Video Shorts

The Pokemon Company briefed us on creating some fun, 10 second videos to support the release of Sun and Moon, introducing the three new starters and involving Pikachu!

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Maverick are excited to have nom nom nominations in not one… not two… but three(!!!) Game Connection Marketing Awards categories!

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MORE AWARDS - Total War War Hammer CG Trailer

Congratulations to Byron and the audio team at Creative Assembly – our trailer picked up an Music and Sound Awards 2016 International Award for Best Sound Design. If you haven’t heard it already…  

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Well, we’re pretty chuffed to announce that we’ve been nominated for not one, but two PromaxBDA Game Marketing Awards!

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TRIALS – Campaign Case Study

When we were asked to communicate the benefits of (TRIALS) Gold special edition in a series of trailers and then to announce their new titles of Fusion and Frontier on Next Gen & Mobile at E3, we literally ‘jumped’ at the chance.

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SKYSAGA: INFINITE ISLES - "Infinite Possibilities" Case Study

Maverick were asked to create an Announcement Trailer for SkySaga which successfully communicated the games iconic style and extensive worlds and features in an exciting way.

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Pokemon X & Y – Spring Campaign

After successfully completing the Pokémon X and Y campaign last summer with Maverick, Pokemon wanted to start a new push around the Easter break to leverage popularity for the Pokemon X and Y 3DS game and combine it with the release of their new Pokemon X and Y Trading Card Game.

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FIFA ONLINE 3 - Case Study

Maverick were approached by Electronic Arts (Asia) to create the launch trailer for Fifa Online 3. As the game’s release was focused across south-east Asian territories, we were presented with the challenge of conceiving a trailer proposition and copy that could be transposed into multiple languages without damaging the core creative and message.

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