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Recent Work

POKEMON X & Y – Summer Campaign

Maverick worked for Pokémon on the launch of X and Y.

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ROCKSMITH - Case Study

We recently finished a great project with Ubisoft for Rocksmith 2014. Testing the claim that you can ‘Learn to Play Guitar in 60 Days’ with Rocksmith, we took a group of eager guitar-novices and recorded their progress as they played Rocksmith every day for 60 days.

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DIRT 3 - Case Study

For DiRT 3, we created a series of assets to communicate specific game features and innovations for the latest release of the rally driving classic.

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DMC (DEVIL MAY CRY) – "Rebirth" Campaign Case Study

We worked with Capcom and Ninja Theory from a very early stage, creating key trailers throughout the campaign. Starting with the all important ‘first look’ gameplay trailer that we created in-engine, we knew it would come under massive scrutiny, but we didn’t want this to be just for the DmC hardcore – we wanted to […]

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DRAGON'S DOGMA – Campaign Case Study

Dragon’s Dogma wasn’t just about launching a new IP – we wanted to present a new take on very familiar fantasy/RPG themes, with an action focus that leveraged Capcom’s console heritage and would give context and coherence to complex features, gameplay and story.

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DISHONOURED – Campaign Case Study

Interviewing some of the most talented devs in the industry about an incredibly cool and stylised new IP was great content in it’s own right, but we also ensured the interviews took place in a dark, watery dungeon that could easily have been in Dunwall city itself.

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GHOST RECON ONLINE – Campaign Case Study

We were tasked with creating a series of multiplayer trailers & TVCs that would clearly demonstrate the skill and teamwork required to succeed in GRO.

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For Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor we were tasked with bringing core gaming to Kinect by promising a new enhanced, intense, emotional gaming experience that leveraged both the game’s reputation and the intrigue in the hybrid controller system and the benefits it would bring.

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Looking back on the projects we have done so far this year, one of them stands out just for the sheer fun we had making it. So we thought we would share the love for Cloudberry Kingdom.

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We’ve loved watching the rise of indie games this year and so we were ecstatic when The Chinese Rooms briefed us on the Gamescom announcement trailer for their new title Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.

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