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Recent Work

MANIA PLANET - “Manifesto for the Greater Good”

To activate the Manifesto and bring it to life we created “The Manifesto for the Greater Good” film which debuted as part of the Ubisoft conference at Gamescom.

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Following on from our trailer production work on Ridge Racer: Unbounded, Namco Bandai approached us to provide strategy and brand direction for a new Free-To-Play version of the game.

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LITTLEBIGPLANET 2 – "History of Videogames" Case Study

The Promax Gold award winning History of Videogames trailer showcased LittleBigPlanet 2’s new functionality and creation tools by combining stop motion animation and our most ambitious level design undertaking to date.

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HOMEFRONT - "Multiplayer Revolution" Case Study

To kick off the multiplayer campaign for HomeFront we developed and produced a trailer that showed off the key USPs of the game – large scale warfare in a real, brutal battle set in America’s deserted suburbs.

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BAYONETTA - "In For The Kill" Campaign Case Study

Bringing a new IP to market is always a challenge – bringing an all-out Japanese action title to a western market can be even trickier.

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KILLZONE 2 - Case Study

Sony wanted epic developer content for the release of Killzone 2 – our brief was to get the developers out of the studio, to create stylish, innovative and polished developer content that really represented the excitement and immersion of the game.

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