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Romeo and Juliet. Princess Peach and Mario. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Maverick…

With the Tales of Arise interplanetary love story leading the charge of the Tales Of series’ 25th anniversary, we knew that we were helping bring something amazing to audiences worldwide with a launch campaign of epic proportions.

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Pokemon X & Y – Spring Campaign

After successfully completing the Pokémon X and Y campaign last summer with Maverick, Pokemon wanted to start a new push around the Easter break to leverage popularity for the Pokemon X and Y 3DS game and combine it with the release of their new Pokemon X and Y Trading Card Game.

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POKEMON X & Y – Summer Campaign

Maverick worked for Pokémon on the launch of X and Y.

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MIGHT & MAGIC - Case Study

Our launch campaign for a new Might & Magic RPG title comprised of logo design/branding, key art, announcement tease for digital and social channels, and an announce trailer for PAX that would make maximum impact across the gaming press and community.

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Following on from our trailer production work on Ridge Racer: Unbounded, Namco Bandai approached us to provide strategy and brand direction for a new Free-To-Play version of the game.

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LITTLEBIGPLANET 2 – "History of Videogames" Case Study

The Promax Gold award winning History of Videogames trailer showcased LittleBigPlanet 2’s new functionality and creation tools by combining stop motion animation and our most ambitious level design undertaking to date.

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