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Well, we’re pretty chuffed to announce that we’ve been nominated for not one, but two PromaxBDA Game Marketing Awards!

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TRIALS – Campaign Case Study

When we were asked to communicate the benefits of (TRIALS) Gold special edition in a series of trailers and then to announce their new titles of Fusion and Frontier on Next Gen & Mobile at E3, we literally ‘jumped’ at the chance.

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SKYSAGA: INFINITE ISLES - "Infinite Possibilities" Case Study

Maverick were asked to create an Announcement Trailer for SkySaga which successfully communicated the games iconic style and extensive worlds and features in an exciting way.

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Pokemon X & Y – Spring Campaign

After successfully completing the Pokémon X and Y campaign last summer with Maverick, Pokemon wanted to start a new push around the Easter break to leverage popularity for the Pokemon X and Y 3DS game and combine it with the release of their new Pokemon X and Y Trading Card Game.

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FIFA ONLINE 3 - Case Study

Maverick were approached by Electronic Arts (Asia) to create the launch trailer for Fifa Online 3. As the game’s release was focused across south-east Asian territories, we were presented with the challenge of conceiving a trailer proposition and copy that could be transposed into multiple languages without damaging the core creative and message.

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POKEMON X & Y – Summer Campaign

Maverick worked for Pokémon on the launch of X and Y.

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ROCKSMITH - Case Study

We recently finished a great project with Ubisoft for Rocksmith 2014. Testing the claim that you can ‘Learn to Play Guitar in 60 Days’ with Rocksmith, we took a group of eager guitar-novices and recorded their progress as they played Rocksmith every day for 60 days.

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DIRT 3 - Case Study

For DiRT 3, we created a series of assets to communicate specific game features and innovations for the latest release of the rally driving classic.

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DMC (DEVIL MAY CRY) – "Rebirth" Campaign Case Study

We worked with Capcom and Ninja Theory from a very early stage, creating key trailers throughout the campaign. Starting with the all important ‘first look’ gameplay trailer that we created in-engine, we knew it would come under massive scrutiny, but we didn’t want this to be just for the DmC hardcore – we wanted to […]

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DRAGON'S DOGMA – Campaign Case Study

Dragon’s Dogma wasn’t just about launching a new IP – we wanted to present a new take on very familiar fantasy/RPG themes, with an action focus that leveraged Capcom’s console heritage and would give context and coherence to complex features, gameplay and story.

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