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Category: Video

DISHONOURED – Campaign Case Study

Interviewing some of the most talented devs in the industry about an incredibly cool and stylised new IP was great content in it’s own right, but we also ensured the interviews took place in a dark, watery dungeon that could easily have been in Dunwall city itself.

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LITTLEBIGPLANET 2 – "History of Videogames" Case Study

The Promax Gold award winning History of Videogames trailer showcased LittleBigPlanet 2’s new functionality and creation tools by combining stop motion animation and our most ambitious level design undertaking to date.

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HOMEFRONT - "Multiplayer Revolution" Case Study

To kick off the multiplayer campaign for HomeFront we developed and produced a trailer that showed off the key USPs of the game – large scale warfare in a real, brutal battle set in America’s deserted suburbs.

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