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SCP Secret Files

Helping Bytedance and Pixmain to launch an intriguing and experimental Sci Fi game that is inspired by an intriguing online community



Creative Development





SCP: Secret Files is a collection of paranormal cases from the SCP Foundation (a meme-based online community that shares mysterious fan-driven narratives around a common theme.)

In this innovative game, the player plays as an agent who encounters a series of these cases, with each having its own unique mechanic and style (very much like the anthology series 'Blood Death and Robots').

Developers Pixmain tasked us with originating an attention-grabbing trailer campaign to drive pre-orders.


To create the gameplay and launch trailers, Maverick worked extensively with the game build(s) to generate a range of eye-catching moments from the various games.

We then created evocative motion graphics and audio design to help convey a suitablly unsettling, intriguing and fear-inducing mood.

The Results

The game launched to many plaudits, with praise given to its portmanteau approach, self-awareness and varied game styles.

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