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For the Tales Of series’ 25th anniversary, we needed to create a launch campaign of epic proportions to connect this amazing moment to a global audience



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Bandai Namco Entertainment

Bandai Namco


Tales of Arise is the 17th main instalment in the Tales Of franchise, Maverick's third foray into the series, and (massive congratulations to our partners at Bandai Namco Entertainment) The Game Awards' Best RPG of 2021! We're proud to have helped on such a great launch campaign, especially for such an amazing title and for a truly global audience.

Kick starting the campaign

To kick start the campaign, our first piece focused on the titles gameplay features and the spirit of adventure that cement the Tales Of titles as fan favourites – from Rappigs (but definitely not Piggits) to skits between the characters, this trailer truly was a labour of love, and it went down incredibly well with fans as a result.

Promote the Demo release

The second element of the launch campaign was to promote the release of the Demo. We captured game footage exclusively from the build to create a sizzle piece that helped to build hype for the game (without any spoilers), and showcased the quality of the experience players can expect. With a global showing during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live presentation, we were excited to bring the title to the widest audience possible!

A wider celebration

As part of a wider celebration of the Tales of Arise launch, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment also teamed up with world renowned violinist Lindsey Sterling to create a bespoke arrangement of the soundtrack for a live performance at ONL. In short order, we designed, developed and delivered the virtual background for the performance, showcasing the twin worlds of Dahna and Rena to accompany the virtuosos performance.

Choreographed game capture and bespoke audio design helped to explain the setting, gameplay, and tease the narrative – all with no vocals or captions. The result was an unforgettable global experience at one of the world’s biggest games industry events.

The final prelaunch

The final prelaunch piece in this campaign was designed to convince the broader target audiences towards ordering the title. This edit showcased everything that makes the title attractive to fans of the franchise, alongside the breathtaking scenery and engaging gameplay players hope for in AAA RPGs. The goal for this trailer was to bring our experience in connecting Eastern titles to Western audiences to bear.

The final trailer

Following the launch of Tales of Arise, our final trailer for the campaign was a celebration. Drawing from a global pool of accolades, we tailored the asset to a wide range of territories by not only translating and versioning but through accolades from the best known sources in specific regions.

The Results

Tales of Arise sold over 1m copies in the week of its release, and was the perfect celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Tales of franchise. We’re proud to have been able to help make the launch so successful, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the next instalment!


Copies Sold

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