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Working with UsTwo to promote the launch of Alba: A Wildlife Adventure on Console, we worked together to create a bespoke music track and CGI music video.

When our partners at UsTwo explained their plans to create a CGI animated music video and bespoke track for their new title Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, our answer was ¡si si si!

It was important that the music track and accompanying video captured the true spirit of the title. Our strategy was to tap into the nostalgia for Mediterranean summer holidays, evoking the feeling of being young and free, whilst having the power and freedom to do good in the world. 

We drew inspiration from our shared childhood experiences: playing, singing, and reminiscing of iconic 90’s animated films.  

The creative was designed to appeal to broad audience, targeting younger players through a catchy bespoke music track and playful characters, whilst also drawing in older players by evoking feelings of nostalgia for seeing original Disney musical classics in cinema. 

To bring to life our creative vision we engaged our animation team to develop the outstanding CGI visuals whilst our audio team worked on composing and recording a completely bespoke music track. The finished song, 'Si Si Si', perfectly captured the spirit of the title whilst being a perfect accompaniment to the CGI style. 

The result was a truly outstanding piece, with both spectacular visuals and musical craftmanship from our animation and audio teams.  

It was a pleasure partnering with UsTwo Games on this project. Not only did our core values align but with the piece having gathered over 3m views in the first quarter of going live, it’s safe to say that the message of planting a tree for each copy sold has been spread far and wide. 
Check out a snapshot of the process here.

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