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Action Toys - Key Art

We helped mobile developer King to create, test and refine the key art for their new racing title...



Creative Development





King have an exciting new combat racing game called Action Toys (AKA Battle Toys in it's beta stage), and they wanted to improve their app store optimisation (ASO) in order to increase downloads and user engagement for the testing phase of the game.


King approached Maverick for help. The team at Maverick conducted an A/B test using two different sets of statistics and orriginated two creative variations of the Key Art for their app store listing.

We created in-game models and concept art for both variations, before building the final versions in CG and rendering the key arts out.

After the test was completed, it was found that the version focused on a singular central character had a higher conversion rate than the variation with multiple characters.

The Results

By conducting an A/B test and using high-quality visuals, King was able to determine the most effective ASO strategy for their target audience. This resulted in increased downloads and user engagement.

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