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Help Dying Light 2 to maximise a huge opportunity at the Microsoft E3 keynote presentation.



Creative Development





Brought in at the very early stages, we worked closely with Techland to help define Dying Light 2’s brand and overall marketing strategy. Carrying out a deep analysis on the open world genre and assessing the evolution of titles in this space, Maverick’s creative informed many decisions ranging from introducing the ‘open world sandbox narrative’ to clarifying key brand pillars.

Once we’d worked out these important brand decisions together, we then looked at finding a core messaging & communications plan; it was clear Techland had big & ambitious plans with this unique non-linear narrative, and needed an appropriate AAA announce & launch strategy to go with it.

E3 2018 presented itself as a good time to announce, and the ‘Dying Light 2’ show was delivered in a 3-part format at the Xbox conference; Announce Trailer, Title Reveal, and a Developer-Guided Gameplay Walkthrough by RPG narrative legend, Chris Avellone, who’s also partnering to make the sequel.

Techland are a hugely talented team, and it’s been our pleasure to work with them on what will be a genuinely innovative game in both the horror and the open world genres.

We were delighted when Techland chose to partner with us on the sequel to their incredibly successful game, ‘Dying Light’.

The Results

We are proud to have been in on the ground floor for such a successful launch - and with global sales of 5 million titles in its first month (to go with the 25 million sales of Dying Light to date), we are keen to see what comes next for the franchise...

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