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For Crysis 2, we decided to flex out strategic, creative and production muscles across a variety of assets.



Creative Development



Electronic Arts


From producing a ground-breaking and memorable in-engine first look trailer rendered entirely in CryEngine 3, to choreographed and captured multiplayer trailers, to tactical ideas and executions to make the most of a trailer’s release and create added value making-of assets – everything was completed in-house by the Maverick team, from creative concept to delivery, including all music sourcing, arrangement/mastering and licensing.


Benchmarks and expectations were sky-high – we worked in partnership with Crytek in the UK and Germany, and production and marketing teams at Electronic Arts to make sure the first look would blow the audience away – not only with the promise of CryEngine 3’s graphical quality, but by teasing an emotionally engaging experience that would appeal to the new target audience of console owners who were only aware of the game’s hardcore PC reputation.

A late night Times Square sneak peak of the trailer was arranged by Maverick to leverage buzz and interest around the launch of the trailer. Broadcasting a 30 second tease on the jumbotrons generated measurable increase in buzz including a significant increase in Facebook and Twitter followers in the 24 hours before the trailer was even released.

Promax Gold and Silver awards for “The Wall” followed, with over 2m YouTube within 4 weeks. Maverick continued their work on the title with a series of multiplayer trailer assets designed to promote the accessibility of Crysis 2’s MP experience for the new console audience, but also demonstrating depth and quality for the hardcore MP gamer, all directed and captured at Crytek UK.

“The Maverick team were flexible throughout production and demonstrated a variety of skills in a dynamic situation. The result is fantastic.”

Darren Montgomery, Senior Marketing Manager EA


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