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Partnering with a global IP alongside legendary creative talent to make an unforgettable statement communication for Pokemon GO.



Creative Development






In 2017, Pokémon GO was gaining increasing presence as a global gaming IP, and so Pokémon and Niantic approached us to create a standout communication to herald a further step-up in their scale and ambition for the game.

They wanted a statement piece of communication to amplify and elevate the brand perception amongst both fans and potential new converts.


As huge fans of Pokémon, we were keen to find ways to enhance the connection of the audience to the characters, and so we worked with Pokémon to develop a concept that built on the huge interest around dynamic global nature documentaries such as the BBC's 'Planet Earth' which offered innovative ways of presenting wildlife.

Over many months we worked to outline the idea - scouring banks of archive location footage and meticulously pre-visualising the Pokémon within to ensure complete clarity and full international stakeholder buy-in across both TPCI and Niantic.

The production phase was equally painstaking through animation and compositing stages, and the icing on the cake came from incredible talent such as composer George Fenton, and the national treasure that is Stephen Fry - which imbued the final film with an epic, magical and timeless feel.

The Results

Pokemon GO more than doubled its player base from 65 million in 2017 to 131 million in 2018, and this campaign was an important factor in that - helping power global interest, excitement and engagement for both existing and new fans.

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