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Dead Island 2 - Special Feature



Creative Development



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Deep Silver and Amazon Prime had a unique opportunity to create something special to support the launch of the new Dead Island game.

They wanted a cinematic experience that could connect this Zombie-infested satire of the Hollywood lifestyle with horror fans who use the Prime streaming service.


Engaging together

This ambitious challenge needed a multi agency response to deliver within the time.

Maverick worked alongside our sister agencies, Ichi, and Fire without Smoke, to deliver 'Another Day in Hell:A' - a piece of Tarantino-influenced filmmaking that was full of knowing references to the world of the game, and to the Hollywood dream (or nightmare in this case).

It was deliberately conceived and executed in a modular way, allowing different usage for targeted communications.

The Results

Dead Island 2 sold over 1 million copies in its first three days of release and has since gone on to be Plaion and Deep Silver's highest selling title ever. This unique piece of branded content marked an innovative way of targeting and reaching core audiences and generating positive community sentiment to support the wider marketing campaign.

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