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Hacking monsters, slashing demons and wisecracking our way through wave after wave of diabolical enemies are some of our favourite things…



Creative Development






We were delighted when Capcom invited us to have a party in hell once again for the triumphant return of Devil May Cry.

Partnering closely with Capcom, we arrived at a tone of voice that would stand out to new audiences, whilst invigorating both core DMC fans and fans of combat / action games.

Back To Raise Hell

Our campaign tagline ‘Back To Raise Hell’ managed to speak to all: raising anticipation & excitement of the fun that’s to be had in the demon world while remaining in-tune with the brand, legacy and heritage of DMC.

To accompany this, we designed a visual aesthetic which would similarly appeal across all audiences – taking influence from the origins of the franchise to generate the interruptive neon titling aesthetic, while also updating key design cues such as the iconic DMC stylish ranks to create an authentic and interruptive reminder of the style and attitude of the game.

We created a broad marketing strategy that included the following executions for the launch: Trailers for Paid Media, Social, Rich Media Banners, Interactive Online Banners, Social Assets for Facebook and Instagram, Out Of Home Digital Assets and Cinema Advertising.

Another key aspect of our role was supporting the UK media team at Capcom – and we worked with Futurenet, Gamespot, LADbible, Amazon and XBOX to create and approve a massive slate of bespoke assets, and to maximise the visibility of the digital content campaign, which was a great success.

In terms of reactivity, our teams were also called upon to update many of the assets at the 11th hour, in order to take into account the incredible reviews that the game was generating – and this was a demanding, but very welcome addition that strengthened the campaign.

The Results

We were thrilled to see the game shoot to the No.1 spot in the UK Charts, and incredibly proud to have played a part in the return of another genuine gaming icon to its rightful place amongst gaming audiences. After such as strong start, the title has since gone on to prove itself to be extremely durable, racking up a recorded 6 million sales by 2022.

6 Million Sales

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