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We created an immersive social influencer campaign that connected A'list YouTube talent such as Ali-A, Vikkstar123, and AshleyMariee into the world of Rainbow Six: Siege



Creative Development





Maverick were approached by Ubisoft to create influencer campaigns for one of Ubisoft's tentpole releases: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

In short order, Ubisoft needed us to ideate and produce concepts that could connect social audiences with the world of the game - which involved us curating and liaising with a series of iconic gaming influencers.


The Talent

Maverick engaged a range of iconic gaming talent including major names such as Ali-AVikkstar123Slogoman and MasterOV.  They represented a huge opportunity to Ubisoft, with the potential to deliver millions of fans to the brand via the right content.

The Content

Maverick originated and delivered as series of immersive action-based events that were designed to offer multiple opportunities for the talent to engage with the IP - and, whether taking on virtual terrorists in the game alongside SAS icon Chris Ryan, or clearing a real-life jumbo-jet from hijackers, we covered everything from all angles in order to deliver a range of engaging social content, which the talent were then able to amplify via their TweetsInstagram posts and other video postings – and all inspired and aligned under our pre-agreed content themes.

We then recreated the central concept alongside Ubisoft's PR department; running bespoke media days that allowed game journalists and their social-media partners such as UniLad to deliver versions of the content to target different audiences.

The Results

Rainbow Six: Siege has gone onto the establish itself as an enduring AAA franchise and has become one of the most popular online games in the world.

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