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Ubisoft's latest party game, Oddballers, gives dodgeball a wacky and social twist - and they needed Maverick to help communicate the unique humour and promise of the game...



Creative Development






Ubisoft asked us to to support the launch of Oddballers, their new multiplayer Dodgeball game. The challenge was to create attention-grabbing content that could play to the strengths of the game while generating positive buzz around the release date.


Campaign Strategy

Our goal for the announce trailer was to capture the multi-layered madness of the game by depicting a scene that rapidly descends from a peaceful moment into chaos, as rockets, balls, and flying fish collide in spectacular fashion.

We developed a 75-second CGI trailer alongside three key art designs and a host of bespoke character assets to help bring some of the game's oddball personalities and wild moments to life.

Mobile Game Marketing

These assets and supporting game footage also highlighted the game's extensive customisation features, which we knew to be a key feature for fans of this genre.

Target Market

Our launch campaign helped Oddballers to make a strong debut - and it quickly became a cult game amongst the Nintendo Switch community.

Player-interest has continued to grow, and with the support of regular DLC updates, the game looks set to become an enduring IP for Ubisoft.

The Results

Ubisoft's Oddballers launch campaign was a resounding success. The launch trailer was the highlight of the campaign, showcasing the game's unique gameplay and customisation features. It was well received in the YouTube comments too: 'This is the best game of 2023 so far'

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