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Hearts of Iron IV Arms Against Tyranny DLC - Launch Campaign

Bringing the latest Hearts of Iron IV DLC to life for Paradox with sisu-led creative.



Creative Development



Paradox Interactive


Paradox’s Hearts of Iron IV has a long-established tradition of announcing new DLC packs, centring on a CG teaser, a 2.5D story trailer, and a gameplay trailer. Maverick helped produce this set of assets for the Arms Against Tyranny DLC.


With a fanbase that scours each asset frame by frame for historical easter eggs, and inaccuracies, we researched the roles of Finland and Norway in WW2 as the first stage of our pitch to ensure fans would be able to find the level of detail they expect.

The Results

Audiences across YouTube and social media praised not only the quality of the trailers, but the care and attention paid to history. The engaged audience then helped set the new concurrent user record for Hearts of Iron IV on the DLC launch day, smashing the old record by 10%.

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