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We worked with multiple stakeholders to bring this gigantic IP to life from script to gorgeous CG animation.



Creative Development






Giant Griffins, Zombie Dragons, Apocalyptic comets hurling from the sky? Yep, that’s right up our street.

Maverick teamed up with Creative Assembly and Platige Image to produce an all-out magic-fest for Total War: Warhammer. As huge fans of the IP, we had an amazing time reacquainting ourselves with the vast and detailed Warhammer world to concept and produce a trailer that would turn heads (attached to bodies or otherwise).


Blood for the blood god!

Recording the unmistakeable voice of Steven Berkoff, Maverick got to work bringing this gigantic IP to life from script to gorgeous CG animation.

Ever wondered what goes into an epic, war-ravaged, orc infested, zombie dragony, beast of a trailer? Check out how the magical work from Maverick, Creative Assembly and Platige manifested itself into the highest viewed Total War trailer in history.

Featuring Maverick’s very own Seamus Masterson, Creative Assembly’s Rob Bartholomew, Tomek Baginski from Platige and Byron Bullock from Creative Assembly, you will be guided through the Making Of Total War : Warhammer Announcement Trailer.

The Results

Total War: Warhammer, marked an incredible debut for the both the Warhammer IP and SEGA's veritable Total War franchise. We were proud to have been trusted as a partner for such an important launch - and pleased to see that the Total War: Warhammer franchise has gone on to become a global presence within the RTS genre.

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