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Cross Fire Legion

Help Plaion and Blackbird interactive to launch a completely new RTS based on the well-known Crossfire gaming IP



Creative Development





Crossfire is one of the biggest gaming IPs in the world but you may not have heard of it, as its success is mostly rooted in the Asian gaming market.

The core Crossfire game played by many millions is a Counterstrike-style FPS, but Crossfire Legion marked the series' first foray into the RTS space, and game publisher Plaion needed an attention-grabbing gameplay and CGI trailer to bring the title to the target audience.


As the series was new (even to us), Maverick quickly got to grips with the series history, before diving into the game engine and assets.

As with all new gaming IPs, it was important to put the gameplay in front of the audience as early as possible to allow them to verify its quality and depth, and so we worked rapidly to take advantage of the strong audience interest around Gamescom, delivering an impactful feature-focused gameplay trailer in a short turnaround.

To build on this strong start, we then created a dynamic Launch trailer that revealed a bit more of each of the three factions, and then used this to structure an informative and action-packed gameplay trailer.

The isometric nature of the RTS experience was augmented with complex motion- graphics and CGI elements to help bring to life the more subtle tactics and complexities of the game (like the very exciting PvP and 2 vs 1 modes, which had us all hooked.)

The Results

The end result was a dynamic and informative trailer campaign that helped Crossfire Legion make a strong debut within the RTS and strategy gaming communities.

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