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Filled with twists and turns, this campaign called for a dream team of plucky producers, cunning creatives, and media maestros. Who else could solve the mystery of filming a live action trailer without ever physically meeting each other or the talent?



Creative Development





When Maverick first talked with Wooga about their flagship hidden object game, June's Journey back in February, no one could have spotted the hidden hurdles of creating an international TV campaign that were about to present themselves.  

Tasked with ideating, producing, and delivering a series of TVC's that not only showcased Junes Journey as a game but also introduced the IP brand to a wider audience,  Maverick's response was a modern-day take on the Jessica Fletcher inspired character, a contemporary detective (and her husband) who captured the wit and fun of June's Journey as she used her unique powers of perception in a totally new way.

But as Maverick cracked the creative the World locked down in curfews and restrictions giving us a much bigger mystery to solve.

The Head Honcho - Will Jeffery, Founder

"When the lockdown first hit we already had a strategy up our sleeve; we would make it our USP to be great at filming. It was what the client asked for and we were going to make it happen - Corona wouldn't get in the way of Maverick delivering a great TV campaign.."

The Gumshoe - Joe O’Connor, Creative Director

"The mystery of how to shoot live action without coming into contact with people really became puzzling.  But this could all be solved if we could only find a great American comedienne, who met the casting brief, who was living with a world-class commercials Director of Photography, who was also fully equipped with 4k camera and lighting kit, who all lived in a home that they were willing to make into a film set for a week - with no other crew to help...."

The Fixer - Natalie Baker, Producer

"Now all we needed was a way to get a Director, Art Department, Props, Clapper Loader, Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup, DIT,  from where ever they were locked down in the world into a little house in Roswell, Georgia to work their magic."

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