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Helping Plaion and Vile Monarch to communicate their complex post-apocalyptic city-builder.



Creative Development





Floodland is a society survival game set in a world destroyed by climate change. It is a thought-provoking experience designed to appeal to a more reflective audience.

Vile Monarch tasked us with the creation of an evocative gameplay trailer that could relate the game to its intended audience in an authentic and arresting way.


Our strategy was to focus on the human stories that underpin the game - bringing these to life via an arresting script and a nuanced VO performance.

We worked extensively within the game build to capture detailed sequences that showed off the complexity of the experience and we then framed this with a bespoke motion graphics treatment that added visual texture and messaging call outs.

The Results

The launch campaign helped the game make strong debut within a genre dominated by a few established titles - and it was lauded by fans for its complex and community-focused mechanics and important subject-matter.

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