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The Chant

Experience a new dimension of fear in Plaion's innovative and immersive horror game.



Creative Development





Plaion tasked us with bringing their new horror IP to life in innovative ways and across multiple-channels.


Maverick supported The Chant with an integrated global launch. The campaign comprised of a suite of trailers, behind the scenes videos, and captivating social media content.

The team created a set of trailers to promote the game: a story trailer that used gameplay and intense music to evoke emotions and build anticipation, an official gameplay video which showed the challenges that players would encounter while navigating the map, and finally a 'meet the cast' video which offered a behind-the-scenes look at the development of The Chant.

Maverick also developed social media assets that were equally captivating, featuring mesmerising motion posters, spine-chilling teasers, and eerie travelogue videos of the mysterious Glory Island.

The campaign created a total of 150 deliverables, including two main trailers, 12 gameplay showcases, 16 statics, 112 video assets, and 16 pieces of art. Unused footage was also repurposed to make the associated social assets more cost-effective.

The Results

The Chant launch campaign generated a huge amount of buzz on social media, with the game labelled on Reddit as a "future cult hit." The title made a strong debut on the Steam Top 10 chart, and looks set to become a firm favourite amongst horror-gamers worldwide.

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