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The Pokémon Company

Sometimes things don’t pan out exactly how you’d like. When you daydream of summertime, you might think about sandy beach visits, touristy trips to see landmarks and parties with friends. It doesn’t always work out that way, though…

Pokémon GO wanted to do something to celebrate summer in Europe. It’s the perfect time of year to encourage trainers to get out-and-about catching the Pokémon up for grabs, given the gorgeous sunny weather… right? The truth is, things rarely go the way they’re planned. Your beach visit will likely end in showers, you might not get that perfect Instagram pic you wanted, and you could just end up with socks as your present… again.

For the summer campaign, Maverick homed in on the expectation vs. reality meme. The meme is iconic across the web, from Twitter to Reddit, so it seemed like a fun way for Pokémon to incorporate popular meme culture into its campaigns and also for Maverick to produce something fun and relatable.

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